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7 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer | Countdown to Christmas 2021

Happy December 2! It's officially the time of year where my Christmas countdown is added to my phone and I go full Christmas mode. I'm talking decorating, music, shopping, all of it. I love Christmas!

December 1 is also the first day of the Actually Tho Countdown to Christmas. Over the next 23 days I'm going to be sharing all sorts of holiday content on the blog and my socials, so make sure you're subscribed to the blog and following Actually Tho! I'm going to be sharing gift ideas, BTS decorating, and all sorts of other fun holiday themed content!

To kick off the countdown I'm sharing some ways you can spread holiday cheer this holiday season. With all of the excitement and joy that comes with this season it's also so important to recognize that not everyone is able to experience it all the time. Everyone deserves to feel cheerful, especially during the holidays, so sharing your joy with others in different ways is a great way to celebrate and do some good in your community!

🎄Buy the person behind you a cup of coffee

One of my favorite small ways of spreading cheer is buying someone a cup of coffee. I've had a few people do this for me over the years and to be honest it makes my whole day. Often times I find it's on days when I'm feeling sad or just not myself that someone was kind enough to buy my coffee and that small act meant the world to me on those days. It's also my favorite small act to do for other people because I love being able to make someone smile.

If you're not the type to start a random conversation with a stranger and the idea of asking the person behind you to order and telling them you've got it covered is not your thing you can still spread cheer in this way just with different tactics.

If you can go through a drive-through tell the cashier you want to cover the car behind you. If you can't, consider purchasing a gift card and telling the cashier to use it for the next person or for someone else who comes in that day.

🎄Donate to local charities

The holidays are a time to give back and what better way to do that than to donate to local charities. I always want to be able to share my joy and love of the holidays with those who may not feel like celebrating. I also want to make sure that I am doing what I can to lift the spirit of my community.

Donating can come in many forms. Depending on the charity you want to donate to it may be a monetary donation, or maybe they're putting on a toy or food drive. Maybe you aren't in a position to donate items or money, so instead consider donating your time.

You'd be amazed at how much joy you will also get in return when you donate! It's one of the best parts of the holiday season!

🎄Send holiday cards

I know some people think these are cheesy, and maybe they are, but I love holiday cards! My family always hangs up the cards we get and it's so exciting to see how much my little cousins, family friends, and loved ones grow over the years! We even have friends with adult children who still send Christmas cards from the entire family!

I personally love the idea of mailing a physical card to all of my loved ones, but if that isn't practical for you, there are so many e-cards available that you can email and share electronically.

I think there's something so wholesome and special about sending a simple holiday message to people, and putting a smile on people's faces, even if it's just for a few seconds!

🎄Go to lunch with someone new or someone you haven't seen in a while

The holiday season is all about connection and being with one another, but for some it can be a very lonely time of the year. It can also be a hard time of the year for people who have lost touch with loved ones and friends.

During the holiday season one try reaching out to someone you have lost touch with because you have both been so busy. Or, try reaching out to someone new; maybe there's a new coworker or neighbor you haven't gotten to know yet. Maybe there's even someone you see that looks like they might need an hour with a new friend. Whatever the case may be, sharing a meal with someone can often time brighten their day! Plus, grabbing lunch with someone is always a great way to take a break from your busy calendar!

🎄Share a batch of your favorite Christmas cookies

One of my favorite Christmas activities is baking Christmas cookies! Between the "cookiepalooza" my mom's best friend hosts, my mom and I baking cookies for the family, and my brother and dad trying to steal cookie dough I have so many wonderful holiday memories centered around this tradition. I'm also convinced that it's hard to be sad when you're eating Christmas cookies.

That being said, sharing a batch of your favorite Christmas cookies is sure to bring people together. Bring a batch to work or school, drop a plate of cookies off at your neighbors' or friends' houses, give them as gifts, or even donate a batch to people in need. However you choose to share them, sharing the simple magic of Christmas cookies is sure to bring the holiday cheer to others.

You may even consider doing a cookie swap with friends or coworkers. I got this idea from my office but I think it's great! Everyone signs up to bring a few dozen of their favorite cookies and then you all swap! We put a few in bags and then give a bag to each participant so that at the end, everyone has a box full of different Christmas cookies! It's such a fun way to share favorite recipes, family recipes and more plus it's a great excuse to hang out with friends, family members or coworkers!

🎄Compliment at least one stranger or new person a day

Possibly the easiest way to spread holiday cheer is simply by being kind! But, you'd be amazed how little we do this. How easy is it to tell the girl in front of you in line that you like her shoes? Or tell the waiter at a restaurant that he's doing a great job. You name it. Simple compliments are a free and easy way to make someone smile. A compliment and a "Happy holidays" are sure to get the people around you in the holiday spirit!

🎄Shop local

This one might seem a little silly but here me out. The holiday season is all about showing people you love and care about them, but it's no secret that gift giving is also a big part of this! One of the reasons I love shopping local and consider it a way of spreading holiday cheer is that I'm able to support local businesses and interact with members of my community. Shopping local often times leads me to finding unique gifts that are perfect for people in my life and rarely have I been able to find gifts that mean that much from big retailers.

Of course a number of these things you can do any time of the year. But why not start during the holidays and make it a habit? There's never a bad time to make someone's day, but the holidays are a perfect time to spread some joy!

I am so excited for the holiday season and I hope you all are too!

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