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Decorating My Apartment for Christmas

Like I've said a million times before - I love Christmas! The traditions, the time with family, the music, the decorations, all of it! Over the past few weeks, I've been working on decorating my apartment and creating my own winter wonderland. I've always decorated my apartments for Christmas but I've never gone all out since I've never spent the holidays at my apartment. This year, I'm hosting my first Christmas in my own place and I want to make it as fun and festive as possible.

While I was decorating I thought it would be fun to create a whole post on what I'm doing to decorate and all of the decorations I purchased to prepare my apartment for the Christmas season!

This year, I wanted to create a cozy, festive space so I went with very traditional decorations and colors. I love traditional, classic decorations so I chose red and gold as the main colors for my Christmas tree decor! Keep an eye on my Instagram stories for a behind-the-scenes of decorating my apartment and check out the links below if you want to shop any of my decorations!

My Christmas Tree: I'm usually a live tree kind of girl, but since I put my tree up so early I decided to invest in a nice pre-lit artificial tree to avoid my Christmas tree being dead by the time Christmas arrived. I managed to purchase this tree on sale in October and it's perfect! It was so easy to assemble and fluff and it looks almost identical to a live tree!

Christmas Tree Decorations

Gold Star Tree Topper

Burlap Ribbon

Plaid Ribbon

* I couldn't find links to the other two ribbons from Joann Fabrics I used but I've included them in pictures! One is a light gold ribbon that says "Merry Christmas" in gold glitter and the other is a red check patterned ribbon!

Hedgehog Ornaments

Large Gold Ornaments

Gold Ornaments

Red Ornaments

Frosted Pinecone Ornaments

White Tree Skirt

Home Decor

Letters to Santa Mailbox

Hot Cocoa Wooden Sign

Christmas Tree Farm Sign

Grinch Quote: This isn't the exact one I have but it's the same quote and a similar style.

Balsam Cedar Yankee Candle

Table Runner

Cyprus and Berry Garland

Christmas Tree Serving Plate

Poinsettia Arrangement

Snowflake Pillows

Penguin Hand Towels

Joy Hand Towels

* I couldn't find the link to the small Christmas Sleigh I use as a centerpiece on my table but it was from Target last Christmas so they may have something similar this year!

Wrapping Paper, Stockings and all Things Gifting

Christmas Cookie Tins

Deer and Cardinal Wrapping Paper

Moose Wrapping Paper

Season's Greetings Wrapping Paper

Pickup Truck with Tree Wrapping Paper

Merry Christmas Wrapping Paper

Gift Tags

Gift Boxes

Hot Cocoa Ribbon

Gift Bows

Wrigley's Stocking

* My family and I have hand-made stockings that my mother's, godmother's mother made us all before she passed away. Each of them is hand-knit with our names and birth year and includes small trinkets and things our family has added over the years. They're very important to my family and me, so my mom is bringing them with her when they come to Kentucky for Christmas.

Other Christmas Items

Between festive mugs and other fun Christmas items, I always end up buying more than I need when shopping for decor. Here are some of the things I couldn't help but pick up this holiday season.

Holly Jolly Coffee Mug

Holiday Sprinkles

Merry Christmas Wine Glasses - The best part of these is they're plastic so they're perfect for entertaining without worrying about breaking them!

Merry Everything Coffee Mug

Mickey Mouse Flannel Pajamas

Snowman Cookie Cutter

Angel Cookie Cutter

Ornament Cookie Cutter

Snowflake Cookie Cutter

Star Cookie Cutter

Keep an eye on my Instagram for all of my Christmas adventures and photos! As I finalize my decorations I'll upload pictures here as well!

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