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Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation season is here, which means it's time to come up with the perfect gift for the special graduates in your life! This year I needed to find gifts for high school graduates and college graduates and it got me thinking - what is the perfect gift for these graduates?

Here's what I came up with!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Something I still wish I had was a pair of noise-canceling headphones! Sure my AirPods are great but throughout my college career, it would've been so nice to be able to completely tune out the rest of the world while cramming for exams or even when I just wanted to zone out for a few minutes. Also, if your graduate is heading into the corporate world or even the work-from-home work, these make the perfect addition to the workplace when they need to focus and get sh*t done! These ones from Bose are at the top of my wish list, but these are also a great option if you're looking for something a little more affordable!

Personalized Jewelry

If your graduate loves jewelry something sentimental and cute could be the perfect addition to their everyday collection! Plus, it's something for them to remember you and their graduation by! I love this option from Amazon but Etsy also has some really unique personalized pieces to choose from as well! Maybe a necklace with their name and graduation year on it, or something for them to remember home by, like a jewelry piece with a charm of their state. Whatever it is, it's sure to be special and unique - just like your graduate!

Portable Charger

Believe me, there is nothing worse than being somewhere on campus or away from home and not having a phone charger or place to plug it in! Sometimes you're in the library and nowhere near an outlet so consider getting your graduate a portable charger! I like this one because it has multiple USB ports in case you need to charge multiple things at once! It takes up zero space in a bag as well so it's perfect for walking around campus, traveling, or just everyday use!

Water Bottle

One of the best investments I made during my time in college was my Hydroflask! Especially being on a big campus I felt like I was constantly in need of a water bottle that held a lot of water and also held up to the long days away from home. Water bottles fall out of backpacks, get knocked off desks, kicked across lecture halls, you name it. That being said, getting your graduate one that can withstand the constant beatings is the perfect option for a gift and it will be much appreciated! If your graduate is moving on from academic life, this is also a great option for them to bring to work! Almost everyone likes to keep a water bottle close by either at the gym, at home, or at work, so why not get them one that will last!

Coffee Mug

Just like a decent water bottle, a decent coffee mug is a must for college or for life after college. Not just a cute one (even though that's important too) but one that keeps coffee warm for longer than 10 minutes! Especially if your graduate is someone like me who lives off caffeine, consider investing in a nice Yeti coffee tumbler, that way they've got a big enough cup to get them through at least the first part of their day!

Bluetooth Speaker

I love my Bluetooth speaker and it'd definitely something I think everyone should have! It's just nice to be able to bring it with you if you're hanging out outside or have it set up in your dorm, apartment, house, etc. I'm a huge fan of my echo speaker but you can find all sorts of Bluetooth speakers that are perfect for your graduate! Everyone's entitled to dance parties in their room, so make it easier by getting them a decent speaker!

Keurig Coffee Maker

Coffee, coffee, coffee! I can almost promise you that if your graduate is a coffee lover that will be the number one expense while they're in school or out of school! That's why I think this makes the perfect gift! Give them the ability to make coffee at home and at least save a few dollars a day! This single-serve Keurig comes in a bunch of fun colors, takes up minimal space, and you can even get reusable K-cups as an extra gift to help save the planet!

These are just a few ideas out of the millions of options for graduation gifts! What are you planning to give to your graduates this year?

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