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Keeping my Sh*t Together: A Look Into My Planning System

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Anyone who knows me knows I'm addicted to planners and all things planning. Seriously, in college I went through I don't even know how many planners. I tried them all from TJ Maxx and Target brands to Lilly Pulitzer and Day Designers.

I love planners because I love keeping everything organized. I like to know what my weeks look like ahead of time, rather than being surprised when something pops up or relying on my ~not so fantastic~ memory to keep everything organized.

I've been working on finding a system that works for me over the past few years and now that I've found it, I want to share it with you!

What I Use

* Google Calendar

Passion Planner

I write everything down in my Passion Planner and everything is color coded. The monthly spread is full of fun stickers I found on Amazon; perfect for staying organized and decorating your planner all at once. My weekly spread is broken down into different colors based on what I have going on each week.

This planner is amazing because it has a monthly spread; which I use for things like bills, paydays, vacations and big events, and a weekly spread; which I use for day-to-day events and items I need to remember. I also love the to-do list sections. Each week has personal and professional to do lists already made for you and a section for notes, making it super easy for me to keep track of everything I need to get done in a week. The month section even has a Project list designed to keep you on track with certain projects (that's been a game changer when it comes to getting this blog off the ground).

Another reason I love this planner is the emphasis it puts on growth and goals. Each day has a section where you can write what you want to focus on, as does each week and each month. At the end of each month is a two-page reflection you can fill out and look back on, which I just think is another great addition to your planner.

Google Calendar

Just like my physical planner, everything gets added to my Google calendar. Oh, and yeah everything is color coded. The key here is the colors are consistent across my electronic and physical planning systems, just to keep everything organized.

I love keeping an electronic calendar because it's easy to bring with me. No matter where I go I can always access my calendar simply by opening my app on my phone or pulling my Google calendar up on a computer.

Another reason I love Google calendar is that I can add people to different events or meetings, which has been incredibly helpful when it comes to trying to schedule different things. I can share my calendar with others too, so that if need be someone can see what I have going on each day!

There you have it, a look into my two-part planning system. What do you use to keep yourself organized? Don't forget to let me know if you try either of these methods (or both) and follow @actuallytho_ on Instagram!

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