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Road Trip Essentials

Road trips can be fun but there's no doubt they

are tough. Between the physical toll of sitting in the car for hours on end and the mental strain that comes with driving and constantly having to stay focused you need a little help surviving these drives.

When it comes to road trips between Kentucky and Vermont, there are a few things I make sure to pack somewhere I can quickly and easily find them.

Here they are...


The snack bag in my car is usually just as big as my suitcase and it's filled with everything you could possibly think of. Granola bars, almonds, candy bars, Cheetos, fruit, etc. I hate stopping all the time on road trips. I'm the type of person who just wants to stop for gas and that's it, so I hate stopping to get food. Sure, when I'm starving and I want lunch or something I'll find a drive-thru but overall I hate stopping. So, I make sure to keep a ridiculously large supply of snacks that will last the entire trip.

The Skinny Confidential Ice Roller

I cannot get enough of this thing! I've talked about it a million times so I'll save you all the details but seriously this is a must-have for my road trips from now on. Not only do I love how much it helps my skin but this keeps me refreshed through the entire drive! Here's the thing, after 7-8 hours of non-stop driving I start to feel gross. You know the feeling after you've been doing something for a seriously long time and you just feel like you need a refresher? Yeah, that's what happens when I drive. So, I love keeping my ice roller handy and I'll ice roll my face quickly! Trust me, this makes you feel so much better! Plus, this ice roller stays cold the entire drive! I'm telling you, I'm obsessed!

Jumper Cables

I feel like my dad, but if you don't have jumper cables in your car, go get them, now. I've linked a set here just in case you need some! Here's the thing, you never know what's going to happen while you're driving, so being prepared is a must! Also, if you don't know how to jump your car, that's definitely a skill I'd recommend learning prior to any sort of road trip. I keep a set of cables in the car all the time, even when I'm not road tripping but for long drives, these are a must!


It never fails, there's always a part of the drive when I get cold. It doesn't matter if the air conditioning or heat is on at some point I am freezing! That being said, a sweater I can easily pull on is key to surviving these trips!

Water Bottle

I tend to drink an exorbitant amount of coffee as it is so it's no surprise that there's some pretty heavy caffeine intake on these drives. But, I also can't go on a road trip without my water bottle. Sure, having my giant hydro flask usually means I'm stopping to pee more often than most people, but I'd rather have my water bottle with me than get a headache from being dehydrated. Also, most of the rest areas I stop at have bottle refill stations which beats paying for a new bottle of water every time I stop.

Phone Charger

Pretty obvious, but a phone charger is a must! Between my music, podcasts, and navigation my phone dies quickly so having a way to charge it is necessary.


You never know when you'll hit a toll or a placed that doesn't accept cards so having a little bit of cash to get you through is key. I don't carry a ton with me but $50 is usually enough cash to keep on hand just in case something happens.

Now, most of the time I'm traveling with a certain chocolate lab in the back seat so he comes with a few essentials of his own...

Poop Bags




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