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Solo Adventure in Kansas City

One of my goals since turning 25 is to try new things! I know it sounds silly but as I’ve said about a million times, I love routines, so new things and I don’t always mix. So, in an effort to push myself out of my comfort zone, I’ve decided to take advantage of my work travel, lighter summer schedule, and overall great weather by adding a few solo adventures into my typical routines!

Lucky for me I was able to try this out in Kansas City, MO while in town for a conference! I had a free day on Saturday and decided why not go exploring around my hotel and see what kind of fun I could have! My day started with a little bit of routine (because let’s be real I can’t completely break that habit) and I found myself hitting the gym before heading out for the day. After getting ready though, it was off to Starbucks and adventuring!

I stayed at Crown City Center for this conference and took full advantage of the Link and the ease of a covered walkway connecting Crown Center to the hotel! Who would’ve thought that a quick 4-minute walk would lead me to BBQ, Starbucks, and an aquarium?

One of my favorite solo activities, especially when I’m in a new place is people watching so naturally I had to take advantage of the cute Crown Center Plaza for a bit and see what everyone was up to!

Now, hears a fun fact about me - I love aquariums! I don’t know why but I do so when I saw there was an aquarium next to my hotel I had to check it out! SEALife Kansas City was cute! It’s not huge but it was definitely a fun way to spend some time and it’s definitely a great place to go if you’re traveling with kids! It’s even attached to a LEGO Land so there’s plenty to keep the kiddos busy!

After the aquarium I decided to grab some lunch at Burnt End BBQ before heading back to my hotel! I mean how could I pass up Kansas City BBQ with mac n cheese and fried cornbread bites? It was so good I definitely think I’ll be heading back there for lunch during my conference!

That evening I decided to venture out a few minutes further from my hotel and check out Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen. Let me tell ya, the crispy shrimp and the summer spinach salad were phenomenal! I loved this spot! Besides having great food and a fantastic wine list, this spot was such a fun local business to check out!

Another fact some people may not know about me is that I love symphonies! Well, really I love most music, but there's something about seeing a live symphony that, to me, is just so special. That's why the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts was the perfect bookend to a fun-filled day of solo adventuring! The Kansas City Symphony was performing their season finale and they did not disappoint! Also, the Kauffman Center lets you pre-order your drinks for intermission so you don't have to wait in line - how freaking easy!

Long story short, my solo adventuring in Kansas City was a success! I'm sure there was plenty I missed with only a few hours to explore but it really was a fantastic day! It felt great to be able to try new things and explore Kansas City before jumping back into the craziness of work! If you needed a sign to go on some solo adventures this summer - here you go!

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