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Hi! I'm Brooke...

I'm a New England girl, living in Vermont and loving every minute of it!  I​ love coffee and I'm obsessed with my dog, Wrigley!
In May 2020 I graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science and a B.S in Equine Science & Management from the University of Kentucky!  Following graduation, I settled down in Kentucky and began working full-time as a veterinary technician.  Soon enought I was back in the Green Mountain state and now I work in college admissions full time while also working on the Actually Tho brand!  I wanted to find an outlet to express myself and find a new way for me to connect with people!  So, here we are!

About Actually Tho

Actually Tho was created to bring people together and inspire them to be their most authentic selves.  With a name born out of what is quite possibly the most common text any of my friends receive, Actually Tho is where my creativity comes to life!  In 2020, Actually Tho was born as a passion project, serving as a way for me to create content and express myself in a new way!  Actually Tho is a lifestyle blog, full of content ranging from travel to work, beauty to pets and so much more! It's also my hope, that Actually Tho can be a place where others can come to connect, inspire and express themselves authentically and in return help those around them do the same!  

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