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10 Things to Do and ~Not~ To Do at Your Vet's Office

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

I'm so fortunate to work at a clinic with truly wonderful clients and patients! That being said, there are some things that drive all of us in the veterinary field crazy! So, I've compiled a list of the top 10 things you should know the next time you bring your furry friend to the vet!

  1. Stop telling us your pets have been on flea, tick or heartworm prevention even though you haven't bought any since you came to the clinic last year. Oh, and start giving them monthly prevention! Prevention is such an easy way to help protect your furry friend so please keep them on it!

  2. Please let us know what concerns you have - even if they seem mild or silly - before the end of the exam. It's really hard for us to know exactly what you're worried about if you don't tell us and if we know about it before the exam starts, we can make sure to address them properly.

  3. Stop letting your pet fall months or even years behind on vaccines and annual exams. Just like us, our pets need to go in for regular check-ups and vaccines to stay healthy. Wouldn't you rather catch something early rather than facing the consequences later on, or waiting until your pet is sick?

  4. Please keep an eye on your pet's dental health and maintain proper pet oral hygiene. It is so important to keep your pet's teeth healthy! Dental disease can cause a number of other health problems so when your vet recommends a dental cleaning, we promise it's for a good reason!

  5. Ask us as many questions as you want! Part of keeping your pets healthy is keeping you informed so trust me, we want to answer your questions!

  6. Stop trying to treat you pet with the help of google, rather than bringing them to the vet when they're sick! We'd much rather you call us and ask if you should come in or come in just in case rather than having to fix multiple problems after you've tried a number of Dr. Google treatments.

  7. Remember, vet visits can be very scary and stressful for some pets - please don't get offended when we suggest different ways to make their visits more stress free! We want your pet to be as comfortable and safe as possible when they're with us, so we promise we'll try everything to make them comfortable!

  8. Stop showing up for appointments late without letting us know. Just like your doctors we have a lot of patients to take care of during the day and it makes it very difficult to give your pet the best possible care in a short amount of time if we don't know what to expect! Oh also, if you need to cancel an appointment that's totally understandable, just please let us know!

  9. Stop only telling us half of the information we need to treat your pet! Trust us, we've heard and seen it all so nothing you say will make us judge you! But it makes it difficult to treat your pet without knowing the whole story!

  10. Don't think we don't care about your pets. We love your pets just as much as you do! Even if we can't show it in the moment you better believe we shed many tears over lost pets and celebrate every single time something good happens to your pet!

These are just some of the things your veterinary staff wants you to know! If you like these posts about the veterinary field, check out some of my other posts including my day in the life of a vet tech!

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