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My Love Affair with My Kindle | January Obsession

The end of January, holy crap. I swear time is just flying by. Next thing we know it's going to be the end of 2022. Anyways... It's the end of the month which means I'm sharing my monthly obsession.

Let's talk about my Kindle! Seriously, if you haven't purchased one yet, this is your sign to order it ASAP! I purchased my Kindle last summer because I wanted something to bring to the pool and on vacation. Well between my moves and life I stopped using it for a while but recently (thanks to COVID quarantine) I downloaded an entire library of books and I haven't been able to put this thing down!

First of all, I love the fact I can read this in any light. I can keep my sunglasses on when I want to read by the pool, or it's lit up enough when I want to read at night without a ton of lights on. This is definitely the only e-reader that I can use without it bothering my eyes too much right before I go to sleep.

I also love the fact that I can download audiobooks and e-books. Of course I have Audible on my phone, but every now and then it's nice to switch gears and start my audiobooks from my Kindle if I've been reading for a while.

But the biggest reason I'm obsessed with my Kindle is the size! It's the perfect size to throw in any bag and it's light weight. Perfect for travel, adding to my gym bag, or even throwing it in my purse to read between running errands.

All of this being said, if anyone has some book recommendations be sure to send them my way!

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