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Nail'Koholics | Best Nail Salon in Vermont

Is anyone else like this? It doesn't matter if my room is a mess, my hair isn't washed or I haven't finished anything on my to-do list. If my nails look good I feel like I can do anything. I know it may not be everyone's thing but for me I love it. But I am horrible at doing my own nails. I also have an awful nail-biting habit.

All of this to say, finding my go-to nail salon when I moved back to Vermont was one of the first items on my must-do list. Thankfully, my mom had already discovered the best nail salon in Vermont and I was able to work my way onto their schedule! Nail'Koholics in Williston, VT is hands down the best nail salon in Vermont and by far one of my favorite nail salons ever! It's been 8 months since I started visiting Nail'Koholics regularly and I've told almost everyone I know about how much I love it, so it's for sure time to review it!

Nail'Koholics is located in the Taft Corners Shopping Center in Willison and personally, I love that it's not located somewhere where parking is an issue! The salon itself is always spotless. It's bright, inviting and it has the best playlist going all the time! Seriously, this playlist has every genre of music and it never gets irritating!

Despite having a wall of comfy pedicure chairs and an equally as impressive row of manicure stations, Nail'Koholics only has 2 nail technicians. Honestly, I love it! Since they have a very small staff (family-owned/operated) they don't accept walk-ins. I know this bothers some people, and believe me I get it, but it's also incredible to know my appointments aren't going to run late because of overbooking or walk-ins taking priority. Not to mention, it's really nice to be able to go in, relax and not feel overcrowded.

Another amazing feature - the cleanliness. Not only is the salon spotless, but every client has their own nail file, buffing block, and buffing drill head to prevent any cross-contamination. I swear you could eat off the floor in this salon and it wouldn't make a difference.

Finally, let's talk about the services - because let's be real that's the important part. Nail'Koholics offers normal polish, gel polish, SNS powder in just about 1,000 colors. Seriously, I've never seen so many colors! Personally, I opt for normal polish whenever I get a pedicure, and then I do gel polish with gel nails for my manicures. Listen to me, these can last me anywhere from 4-6 weeks without a single chip! I prefer to have a few layers of UV builder gel on my nails as well but even friends of mine who don't do this say their nails last forever! I think in the 8 months I've been a client, I've only broken a nail once - and believe me, that was my own fault.

Windy, my nail technician is so precise, without taking forever (except when it comes to the hour-long pedicure - which I don't complain about one bit)! She also does the most detailed designs and can recreate just about any inspiration photo you bring her! Personally, I like designs on other people rather than myself but they are amazing!

Oh, and one other thing. They value their clients! They let me book appointments months in advance and keep me on a cancellation list if I need a last-minute appointment. They're also sure to try and schedule all of their existing clients before taking on additional clients because they want to make sure they are taking care of everyone!

Check out my latest Instagram reel to see my latest nail refresh!

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