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My Blogging and Podcast Equipment

I'm still a baby when it comes to blogging and podcasting but there are certain items I use all the time. When it comes to blogging and podcasting there are things that you need to invest in. I'm all for doing what I can without buying different items but trust me you sometimes have to invest in yourself when it comes to blogging and podcasting.


When it comes to blogging I can do a lot from my phone and my computer. In fact, almost all of my photos are taken on my phone and of course, all of my posts and website editing are done from my computer. That being said, these items make taking pictures for the blog and my Instagram a little easier.

I hate asking people to take pictures of me. There's maybe 3 people I will ask but otherwise, I hate it. I also usually want to get pictures when I'm home alone and the last thing I'm going to do is ask someone to come over just to snap a few pictures. This little remote has been a lifesaver. It makes it so easy for me to just snap the photos I need all by myself and it's so easy to use. I love how affordable it is too!

This little guy has been helpful for a couple of different reasons. Obviously, it's been very helpful for taking some pictures when I'm by myself, but also it's been great for propping my phone up and watching Netflix while working on the blog. I'm not sure if that's what it's really meant for, but it's been great!

Sometimes I want to use my actual camera to get some other photos or I need to have my phone set higher up. For that, I use this tripod. It's certainly not the highest quality but it's great for getting the few pictures I need. It's also affordable so it's perfect for if you're just starting out and want to get the feel for it!

This little gadget goes along with my larger tripod and it's been awesome for keeping my phone secure. To be honest, sometimes I'm just too lazy to pull out my actual camera so using this to attach my phone to my tripod makes things so much easier!


Podcasting is such a fun new creative outlet I've found and I think it's the perfect complement to the blog! What I love about podcasting is it's so easy to get started; even with minimal equipment! Like blogging, I use my computer for all of my podcasting. Besides the equipment, I listed below I also take advantage of Google Drive to create outlines and keep track of ideas. I also use the website Anchor to create and manage my podcast! It's so user friendly and the best part - it's free!

Like I've said, I'm all for doing what you can without spending the money, but if you're going to get into podcasting you need a microphone. The built-in microphone on your computer will not cut it at all! This one from Amazon is super affordable and I love how it connects to your computer with just a USB! It's also pretty compact compared to a number of the ones I looked at - which I think is perfect for bringing it with me when I'm recording while traveling or when I'm out of my house!

That's my list of blogging and podcasting equipment! Of course, as I add new items I'll be sure to update this page but these items are great for getting started! Let me know if you give any of them a try!

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