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My Favorite Lexington Coffee Shop

As someone with a serious coffee addiction, I thought it was only fitting to talk about my favorite coffee shop in Lexington. Truthfully, there are a few different coffee shops in Lexington I really like but nothing tops Old School Coffee! Between the killer coffee and the amazing people and the super aesthetic location, there's seriously nothing better!

Located in Dudley Square on South Mill Street in Lexington, Old School coffee is in the perfect spot! I discovered this gem last year during a very stressful week of exams. I think the first week I went to Old School I spent over 30 hours there (and a lot of money) trying to keep myself motivated during some serious study sessions.

Even my dad - who spends most of his time laughing at my love for different coffee shops - loves Old School! So much so that when he came to Lexington in February he willingly hung out there with me and brought a pound of the house roast home to my Mom!

Old School has the best coffee creations with the best names! It's also so nice to see how much the owner, Rhett loves what he does and cares about his customers and his products! He is so passionate about providing the best products to his customers and believe me, he is beyond knowledgable about everything coffee related! I can't get enough of Old School Coffee! If you're ever in Lexington or you're already here and looking for a fantastic coffee shop, check them out here!

Chances are if you ever stop in, you'll find me working away at a table (just as soon as we can go back to indoor seating) because I just can't stay away!

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