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2020 Resolutions

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

I know, I know, it's basically Fall. That being said, I still wanted to share my 2020 resolutions with y'all! I think resolutions are such an important part of setting up your year and helping you build your self-confidence. Over the past several years, I've set intentional resolutions, designed to help me better myself, and lead a more fulfilled life. To do this, I create 6 resolutions each year: 3 centered around adjusting my mindset and 3 centered around the formation of helpful, healthy habits. The idea behind this is that each resolution feeds off the other one, helping me gain more self-confidence and inspiration for the coming year while also helping me turn my resolutions into parts of my lifestyle, rather than simply items I cross off a to-do list. 2020 is a year of pretty massive change for me, so my resolutions look a little different than they have in the past. My 2020 resolutions are:

Focus on health and wellness

Over the past few years I've let my health and wellness take a backseat to my other goals, and life events. Throughout college I had what most consider to be the "college kid diet" - you know, fast food, late night snacks, and excessive amounts of caffeine. Fortunately, UK has a large campus and despite my inconsistent workout schedule I was able to walk off those late-night trips to Waffle House on my way to classes. That being said, it's time for me to make my health and wellness a priority. This year, I'll be focusing on developing healthy habits, like working out regularly, eating a balanced - but mainly healthy - diet and getting enough sleep!

Save money

Y'all post-grad spending is no joke! Between moving into a new apartment and being financially on my own starting in January, it's time to start saving for a rainy day. While I've always tried to maintain some level of savings, I've never made it a focus. Living away from home I've realized just how important it is to have money saved for unforeseen circumstances. I'm looking forward to all of the opportunities ahead of me, but I also need to be prepared before those opportunities present themselves!

Work on being present

This is one of the most important resolutions on my list. As someone who always seems to rush into the next thing, the next task or the next moment, I often struggle with being fully present at any given time. This year I want to take small steps to become more present. Whether that means keeping my phone in my purse during time with my friends and family or trying to block out the rest of what's going on when I work out, it's important for me to become fully present this year and enjoy every moment!

Appreciate what I have, when I have it

I've always been extremely grateful for what I have, but there are times where I don't realize how much I should appreciate something until it's no longer in my life. This year, I want to take time every day to acknowledge how appreciative I am of where I am in my life, who is in my life, and what is in my life.

Cook more

I've always been able to cook, or at least follow a recipe, fairly well. However, I tend to make the same four or five things all the time. In college, I was constantly grabbing something quick between meetings and classes or snacking while hanging out with friends, so I didn't exactly take the time to perfect my cooking skills. This year, I want to not only try new recipes but also work on finding new, healthy alternative recipes to some of my not-so-healthy favorites so I can continue to focus on health and wellness, and save money in the process by not relying on take-out or delivery!

Launch Blog

For months I've told myself "When I have more free time, I'll launch the blog." and quite honestly, I've used that as an excuse to not get to work on making it happen. That being said, this year I am determined to launch the blog and find the balance between my full-time work and my passion project. The blog is a way for me to connect with people while expressing my creativity and sharing what I love, so there's no reason to let it sit in the backseat - especially if it makes me happy!

There you have it, my six 2020 resolutions! What are some of your 2020 resolutions? Remember, it's never too late to make them and start bettering your relationship with yourself and making your life the best it can be!

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