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At-Home Bar Crawl Party Idea

Happy Monday! For my Vermont readers, I hope you all enjoyed the snow and stayed safe over the weekend! I'm starting the week off with a fun party idea that I am definitely going to steal from my mom's best friend and use it with all of my friends! An At-Home Bar Crawl! How fun! My mom's best-friend, is a huge birthday fan! Seriously, I've never met someone who loves birthdays as much as Lolo - and she always has the best party ideas! So naturally, I knew this weekend was going to be loads of fun when she said she was bringing back this idea for her birthday!

It's super simple - everyone comes up with their own cocktail and then makes it for everyone at the party! Not only do you get to try a bunch of different drinks, but no one has to worry about getting the tab at the bar! Win, win if you ask me! Now you can get as creative or as simple as you want! I would say we all were comfortably in the festive but not over the top range this year. No matter what, I can confidently say this is such a fun party! So let's talk how it works.

Like i said it's super simple.

Everyone picks a cocktail recipe they are going to make for their bar.

Everyone picks a name for their at-home bar and a name for their drink!

* If you're feeling up to it, you can even bring decorations and create a fun little bar space at home *

Then you take turns going around making your drink and sharing it with your friends!

Super simple and so so fun! You can either make your favorite drink or try something new! This year the only rule was the drinks couldn't be bourbon based - only because they were all that way last year!

The best part of this is you can do everything at home! It was so fun to get to spend time celebrating Lolo at home where we could try new drinks and then enjoy dinner all together, without fighting with the weather, reservations or parking spaces!

Next time you're looking for a birthday idea or even just a party idea, try this out! I'm telling you, you'll have a blast!

Oh, and P.S. Happy Birthday Lolo!

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