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Black Cap Coffee | One of My New Favorite Work Places

I'm not sure why I've never stopped into Black Cap Coffee in Stowe, VT before this week. But, now that I'm back to balancing my full-time job with blogging, I was eager to find a place outside of my house where I could work.

Located in the center of Stowe Village, right on Main Street, Black Cap is the perfect spot for me to spend a few hours writing blog posts before heading to work. This really is the perfect work spot - it's full of large tables and seating areas, and for someone like me, who sprawls everything across the table, large tables really are a must!

Of course, the coffee and food options are also fantastic so there's really no downside to coming here! I'm pretty much guaranteed to get 2 coffees and at least 1 sandwich during the time I'm working!

Possibly my favorite part of Black Cap is the local retail offerings. The walls are covered with artwork from local artists and the shop offers a wide variety of Vermont-made items! I love watching tourists stop in for coffee and leave with a bunch of Vermont-made items!

My friend always says that Vermonters are obsessed with local products - and it's true! So, it's no wonder I love watching people discover local Vermont businesses and products!

Oh, I forgot to mention, you can get beer and wine while you're at Black Cap too! Again, local options!

If you're touring Vermont and your travels are taking through Morrisville and Burlington as well as Stowe, you'll be able to find Black Cap locations in all 3 towns!

I love finding coffee shops I love and Black Cap Coffee is no exception!

Stay tuned to my Instagram where I'll be launching my coffee shop tour series soon! In the meantime, make sure to stop into Black Cap!

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