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Cape Cod Favorites

North Falmouth, MA - located right off the Bourne Bridge on Cape Cod will forever be one of my favorite places. Growing up my family would spend as many weekends as we could visiting my grandmother on Cape Cod, breathing in the salt air, and lounging on the beach. Once I moved to Lexington, my weekend trips to the Cape ceased for 6 years until this past Easter weekend when I was finally able to venture back to this incredible place!

Seeing as it's one of my favorite places it only makes sense that I give you all a list of some of my favorite places to visit on the Cape!

FYI most of these places are restaurants - I just can't help it!

Flying Bridge - Between the amazing food and the amazing view of the marina from the outdoor patio, this is one of my all-time favorite Cape Cod restaurants! I love to go right at sunset and spend the evening watching all of the boats coming back from a day spent on the water! Follow it up with a walk through Downtown Falmouth and there's really nothing better!

New Silver Beach - If you make your way to New Silver Beach just don't steal my spot! This beach holds so many childhood memories of my brother and I collecting hermit crabs, swimming in the freezing cold water, and walking to and from my grandmother's house. Not to mention it's just a fantastic beach!

Silver Lounge and Uncle Bill's Country Store - Some of my earliest memories of Cape Cod are going to dinner at the Silver Lounge and then picking out penny candy at Uncle Bill's Country Store. Uncle Bill's is your typical country store, complete with all sorts of trinkets and souvenirs and the Silver Lounge has my favorite clam chowder on the planet!

Dan'l Webster Inn & Spa - If you're looking for a fancier dinner out, a day at the spa, or a beautiful inn to stay at, this is the place! We always celebrate big events (birthdays, graduations, etc) with a dinner at Dan'l Webster Inn & Spa and I have yet to be disappointed! Plus they have a great gift shop that I love to check out after dinner!

Seafood Sam's - I'm not a huge seafood gal. In fact, I really am not a fan, but this place is amazing! It's a seasonal business so you know everything is as fresh as it can be! They have some of the best fried calamari I've ever had and for those of you who don't love seafood (like me) they have a great fried chicken meal and chicken parm!

Downtown Falmouth - There's nothing I love more than walking down the streets of downtown Falmouth looking at all the cedar shingles buildings and going in all of the souvenir stores! Something about grabbing ice cream and shopping for Cape Cod sweatshirts with my family just makes me so happy!

Have you ever been to Cape Cod? If not, add it to your travel bucket list!

My brother and I exploring New Silver Beach at sunset.

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