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December Goals | Christmas Countdown

I'm excited to share my December goals with you all today!

I like to make monthly goals, especially at the end of the year! I try to make a few goals each month, nothing too crazy just a few to keep me motivated.

Let's take a look at my goals for this month!

Save Money

This goal will probably be on every goal and resolution list of mine for years to come. The only difference is every now and then what I'm saving money for is a little different. Right now my main goal is to pay off my student loans. I'd love to be able to pay a few of them off early so I'm making it a goal this month to get into a routine of saving money each month. I also think it's incredibly important to start saving money as early as you can. I used to be horrible about it, but I think I'm getting better each month. This month I'm taking a hard look at what I spend my money on, and making sure to cut down on my spending as much as I can!

I'm keeping track of all the strategies I'm using to save money and I'm going to do an entire series on navigating finances in your early 20s/post-grad years!

Utilize Pinterest

I love Pinterest! It's where I find recipes, inspiration and all sorts of ideas. I definitely scroll Pinterest more than I scroll Facebook. But, I've never taken advantage of Pinterest for the blog. This month I want to focus on utilizing Pinterest as an extension of the blog and my socials. I mean, I already scroll Pinterest as it is, I might as well post on there too!

There's nothing worse than when I'm looking for something specific I saw on a blog post and I can't find it! That's why I love Pinterest! I find it super helpful to create a board of all of my favorite blog posts and I want readers to be able to do the same.

All of this being said, follow the blog on Pinterest @actuallytho_!

Run 3 Times a Week

I've never been one who loves running. Actually, I used to hate running. I always felt horrible after and that "runner's high" people always talked about, yeah I never felt that. But I needed to add some variety into my workout routine. I absolutely love Pure Barre, but adding some extra cardio and strength training was the next part of upping my fitness game.

I've been using the Nike Run Club app to get into a routine and I can honestly say it's been helping me feel confident and in control when running. It also helps that my best friend Sabrina is also getting back into running, and she is the best workout buddy around. Even if we are in different states, Having someone to push you and motivate you makes it so much easier to continually push yourself

Do you have any goals for December? Are you trying to accomplish anything before the New Year? Share them in the comments!

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