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My Nespresso VertuoPlus | Christmas Countdown

Listen, I am all for grabbing a coffee from a local coffee shop or Starbucks, etc. But I also love making coffee at home, and now that I've got some big financial goals, I'm all about saving money and opting for at-home coffee. Cue my Nespresso machine! I've had my Nespresso for the last few years and it is still one of the best Christmas presents I've ever been given.

It was truly love-at-first-coffee when it came to my Nespresso. I had seen the Nespresso first at a boujee hotel in Kentucky and I knew I had to have it. Now, did I need it? Absolutely not, but now that I have it, it's become an obsession.

First of all, if you're purchasing a Nespresso, I would highly recommend also purchasing the milk frother as well. I'm a huge fan of the Aeroccino because it can froth hot or cold meaning you never have to worry about screwing up an iced coffee with hot milk. My milk frother does not get super hot, but I'm pretty sure that's because I've used it so much I probably need to replace it. That being said, it does a great job with all different types of milks and creamers so no complaints here. It's also super easy to clean which I'm all about!

Possibly my favorite thing abut the Nespresso is that it can make coffee or espresso drinks. Sure, I can (and sometimes do) use a normal coffee pot. But who wouldn't want to drink great coffee and have the option for a latte too?

Enough of the babbling, let me answer some of the most asked questions I get from people when it comes to my Nespresso.

Can you make iced coffee?

Yes! They have iced coffee and iced espresso pods available, or you can simply brew your favorite pod and let it cool! If I'm not using my iced pods, I usually brew my coffee and then put it in the fridge before adding ice so it doesn't get watered down but you can really make it your own.

Is it easy to use?

Definitely! I'm sure there are features I haven't mastered but overall it's super simple. You really just add the pod, press a button and you're good to go! Plus Nespresso has so many recipes and tutorials on their social media pages and website that you really can't mess it up!

What are your favorite pods?

I really haven't found pods that I don't like. But if I had to choose, I'd say the Peppermint Pinwheel, Iced Forte and the Vanilla Custard Pie are my favorite coffee pods. When it comes to espresso pods, I tend to grab the Diavolitto and Altissio pods, but the Iced Leggero is a great double espresso option for when I'm wanting an iced latte!

Where can you buy Nespresso pods?

Online, and in Nespresso stores for sure! The Nespresso Vertuo pods are a little harder to find in retail stores, which is really the only downside. I know there are a few types of Starbucks brand pods that you can get at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond, but you can also order pods from the Nespresso site in bulk if you want to make sure you have a wide variety.

Does it really save you money?

I mean, I think so. Let me put it this way, I'm way less likely to stop at Starbucks and spend $6 on a large coffee when I can make a latte at home. So personally, I think in the long run it definitely saves me money, but this really depends on how often you buy coffee out.

Can you recycle/compost the pods?

Yes! Another reason I love my Nespresso is that recycling the pods is so easy! Whenever you order pods you can have a bag sent with it that is specifically for recycling. It's already got a shipping label on it, and the directions are right on the bag. You fill and seal the bag with all of your pods and then drop it off at your nearest UPS and you're good to go! Check out this video on how exactly Nespresso recycles the pods!

Is it easy to clean?

Yes! It's incredibly easy to clean! I try to deep clean it once a month but I wipe it down pretty often. With my milk frother, I can remove the small whisk type attachment and then clean it with dish soap. I can also remove the water tank form the Nespresso machine and clean that. When it comes to cleaning the inside of the machine, I typically take a damp paper towel with some soap and wipe off where the pods sit and then make sure to wipe off all of the soap.

I'm telling you, this is the perfect gift to get yourself, or that coffee lover in your life! It really is like Christmas every single time I open a new box of Nespresso pods!

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