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Taking Some Time for Yourself During the Holidays | Christmas Countdown

The holiday season is a time full of magic, joy, cheer, love, family, friends and oh did I mention extreme feelings of exhaustion from not taking time for yourself? No? Well, I'm mentioning it now.

Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing I love more than spending Christmas with my family, celebrating the holidays with my friends, and taking some time to enjoy time with my co-workers. But as someone who needs some time alone to rest and recharge, it can be alot. It's not because I don't want to spend time with the people around me, it's just that I also need to spend time alone. I'm sure some of you get it. If I want to really be able to appreciate and celebrate with others, I've got to feel my best.

Now, any other time of the year, I'm really good at taking time for myself without feeling bad about it. But during the holidays...not so much. I mean I just feel guilty. I should be downstairs with my family. My brother is home from college and I should be spending time with him. I need to make sure to grab drinks with all of my friends who are home for the holidays. Seriously, it's too much. The thing is, we shouldn't feel bad about taking time for ourselves no matter what season we're in. If we want to show up for the ones we care about, we have to take some time for ourselves.

Most of the time, during the holidays, I can't take an entire day where I just disappear and don't see anyone and I'm sure a lot of you are the same way. So I try and implement little ways to take some time for myself daily, even if it's only 5 minutes.

Because I love lists, I've made a list of different ways you can take time for yourself during the busy holiday season.

Solo Morning and Night Routines

Something that helps me recharge and take time for myself is consistent morning and night routines without other people. I'm a creature of habit and I've talked about how important routines are to me, but the holidays can make them a little tricky. I'm sure some of you experience the same thing. While I certainly have to adjust my routines a bit when we have guests and a house full of people, I've found that even simple routines like making my bed, doing my skin care and taking a few minutes to myself in the morning help get me ready to go downstairs and socialize (before coffee). At night, I tend to go to bed a little before everyone just to give myself time to unwind with a simple night routine. These are small, simple things that can make a huge difference every day.

Go for a Walk

Sometimes being in the house with everyone is too much. Not to mention, it's good to get some fresh air when you can. When it gets to be too much for me; you know people talking, music playing, everything happening at once, I'll slip outside for a bit and go for a walk (usually with my dog). It gives me a chance to clear my head, and now that Vermont has some snow on the ground, enjoy winter in Vermont (even though the cold is not my favorite).


Sometimes I like working out with other people, like when I'm in a Pure Barre class or I'm lifting with my brother and my dad. Other times (specifically when I'm running) I want to workout solo. Even though I'm still trying to fall completely in love with working out, it definitely makes me feel better so when I'm overwhelmed and need some time alone, this is a great option.

Run Errands Solo

If y'all have been reading the blog for a bit, you know how much I love running errands solo. When it becomes too much at home or with everyone, I'm the first one to offer to run to the grocery store, grab a few last minute gifts, etc. I know running errands isn't always the most exciting thing in the world but hey, it's an excuse to get out of the house and it's a lot easiest to stop and grab a coffee when you're already out!

Shower, Bath, Self-Care

This might be the most obvious one but I also think it's the easiest one to add into any day. On those days when I can't leave my house or I just need like 15 minutes, I'll go get in the shower or the bath, throw on a face mask, or whatever quick self-care thing makes me relax. Sometimes you just need some time to breathe and that's okay!

Never give yourself a hard time for needing a minute during the holidays! It doesn't make you less a part of the celebrations and if anything, taking some time for yourself is the perfect Christmas gift to you, from you!

What do you do to take time for yourself during the holiday season?

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