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Easter Weekend Travel: Some Packing Tips for Quick Trips

It's finally time to travel again and believe me I couldn't be more excited! It's been over a year since I've been anywhere further than a few hours outside of Lexington and it's definitely been a year since I've gotten to go on a true vacation.

I wanted to spend the Easter weekend with my family, so I checked some flights and now I'm New England bound! My first stop is my home state of Vermont! I'm spending some time there before the family heads to Cape Cod, MA to visit my grandmother and spend the holiday by the ocean!

It's a quick trip and the weather is still supposed to be a little chilly so packing for this trip is going to look a little different than what I'm used to! Since it's a weekend trip I wanted to pack everything I needed into a single carry-on suitcase and my Kate Spade Tote (my exact one isn't sold anymore but this is a similar one! I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds themselves struggling with packing for cooler temperatures so I wanted to share what's in my suitcase in case anyone needs some inspiration! I've included everything from outfits to toiletries and I'm working on an entirely separate post all about what I throw in my handbag too!

Here are my top 3 tips for packing for quick trips!

Pack By Outfit

Let's be honest, as much as we like to tell ourselves we need "options" we really don't. Think about it, there's really no need to bring 5 different shirts to go with your jeans when in reality you know what ones you want to wear. Instead, plan out your outfits and pack those! Plus you can lay out all your outfits and see if there are any pieces you can wear more than once (I mean you don't need different dark-washed jeans for different days).

I like to make a list of what events or plans I have on vacation and then plan my outfits from there! Plus it makes it so much easier to find everything in your bag if you only bring what you are actually planning on wearing.

Don't Pack Your Entire Bathroom

We're all guilty of it. Telling ourselves that we'll finally try that new facemask because we're "on vacation"...yeah right. When it comes to toiletries and even makeup only pack the essentials! Besides, you've got to keep your liquids in that small bag plastic bag if you're traveling with just a carry-on so why take up a ton of room with stuff you'll hardly touch! The bare minimum is my new motto when it comes to packing these items. I give myself 2 bags, a makeup bag, and a toiletry bag - that's it. Trust me, you won't wear that random lipstick anyway so just leave it at home.

Check the Weather

There's nothing worse than packing a ton of outfits, getting to your destination, and realizing they are not compatible with the weather. Check the forecast a few times while prepping for your trip so you know whether you need to make room for a raincoat or a few extra layers. Better safe than sorry!

Think Again About Whether You Need 4 Outfits for the Same Thing

We get it, you like to be prepared. I'm the same way! But we don't need 4 different workout sets when honestly we aren't going to work out that often - if at all. Sure, you may be going out to dinner a few times, but if you're wearing jeans chances are you don't need multiple pairs of the same style just to go eat! I like to lay all my outfits out ahead of time to make sure I can see everything I want to take with me, and it makes it super easy to put some of those extra pieces away.

If you're traveling for Easter weekend where are you headed? What are your favorite packing tips? Let me know, and if you're traveling this weekend stay safe and healthy!

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