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Giving Yourself Grace

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

As I write this, I've just cancelled a workout and hit the snooze button more times than I can count. It's a Monday morning and y'all, I'm just not about it today. Typically, my Mondays start at 4:30am and I'm at a Pure Barre workout by 5:45am then it's off to work until 7pm. Today though, it wasn't happening - and that's okay!

I'm someone who hates cancelling plans just because I'm "tired" or "not about it". I've struggled for a long time with burn out and feeling completely worn down mostly because I want to feel productive and efficient.

Here's the thing though, not allowing myself to take breaks or change plans never helps. Every time I force myself to work through a difficult time, whether it's because I'm tired, sick, burnt out or even if I just need a minute it just makes me feel so much worse. Like I've said in other posts, self-care is so important and sometimes you need to allow and make the space to take care of yourself.

Giving yourself grace to feel tired, burnt out or down and then giving yourself the grace to work through that in your own way, at your own pace is essential to balancing out your life. But listen, I get it, it's not the easiest thing to do. It's difficult to accept that you're in a space where you can't be as productive or efficient or as fulfilled as you want to be. It's difficult to look at yourself and say, "I'm struggling." Trust me, I know exactly how hard it is.

The thing you have to understand though, is as difficult as it is to recognize that you're struggling and to accept that you're managing the best way you know how, giving yourself the grace to sort through the difficult season you're in is much more beneficial to you than simply trying to push through it.

As challenging as it may seem to give yourself grace to feel your feelings, and work through your struggles, it truly is the best way to work through the challenges in your life.

I hope this post gave you at least a small sense of relief. Let me know how you all are feeling during these crazy times!

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