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My Favorite Medspa in Lexington

If you remember from my skincare post earlier this year, taking care of my skin was something I really wanted to take more seriously during 2021. So it makes perfect sense I'd have a favorite medspa! Let's make something clear though before I start bragging about this place. I never let me repeat never thought I'd be someone who would visit a medspa regularly - let alone have a membership to one! It just wasn't my thing - until the end of 2020.

Like I've said before, my skin was a wreck when I started this process. Sure, I was blessed with minimal acne all through high school and college, but my skin was still not great. It felt constantly dry and no matter what I did it was rough and extremely sensitive. Especially to the sun. Not to mention, once I started working out consistently and eating better, the breakouts decided to make up for the last decade of fairly clear skin. I think a combination of sweat and detoxing my body is what made my skin downright angry but who knows. All I know is my skin needed help in a big way.

That's where Luxe Lounge Medspa comes in. Located right about the Pure Barre studio in the Chevy Chase area of Lexington it's the perfect post-workout spot for me. Over the few months leading up to my first visit, I'd seen and heard people visiting them and loving everything about it. So finally, thanks to a week of horrible skin and intense curiosity I decided to try out one of the signature hydrafacials they offer.

Y'all, let me tell you - incredible! Not only did I feel refreshed and relaxed (I mean who doesn't feel like that after a facial) but my face has never felt so clean and healthy! That being said it wasn't long before I was signed up for a monthly membership but I was overhauling my entire skincare routine.

I love Luxe Lounge because everyone there is so kind and knows what the h*ll they're talking about. I'm also obsessed with their treatments! They have everything from normal facials to hydrafacials, laser hair removal, waxing, lash services, and injectables. I mean seriously if you've seen it on Instagram they probably offer it at Luxe Lounge. Another thing I love is the membership program! My membership comes with a monthly facial and a discount on products which is always a bonus! Plus, if I have to skip a month I can apply the monthly fee to the next service I get or products I buy! I mean win-win.

Another great thing - they'll order and ship products for me! Since I've been loving the ZO Skin Health line I pretty much only buy skincare products from Luxe Lounge. The thing is, sometimes they're out of what I need when I go. But, they'll always let me pre-order products and they'll call me when they arrive so I don't need to stress about checking back constantly! Plus, my esthetician, Savannah (she's the best) will let me buy products from them and will ship them to Vermont for me! I mean seriously how sweet!

All-in-all this is by far one of my favorite places in Lexington! I always leave feeling refreshed and confident in my skin and who doesn't love that feeling? Check out Luxe Lounge if you're in Lexington! I promise you won't be disappointed!

5 hours post signature facial!

Post hydrafacial!

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