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My Favorite Vermont Coffee Shop

As we all know my love for coffee is only rivaled by my love of my dog! So, it should be no surprise that I also have a favorite coffee shop in Vermont! I love this coffee shop so much that I insisted my family make a stop on our way to Cape Cod and for as much of a hard time as they gave me I know for a fact they love it too!

PK Coffee is without a doubt the best coffee shop in Vermont! Between the amazing staff, the coffee, the food, and the overall aesthetic you seriously cannot go wrong! PK has a location in Waterbury, VT as well but since I live closer to Stowe, that one's my go-to spot!

During my college days it was nothing for me to spend 5-6 hours in there when I was visiting; getting work done and just getting out of the house. Honestly, I'm convinced the latte and mixed berry scone are the reason I did so well on some of those projects.

One of the things that make PK so special to me is the hometown feel. Of course, Stowe itself has a hometown feel to me since I grew up there but something about PK is so special. I love walking in and chatting with the incredible staff and seeing how excited people are when they walk in. I also love how everyone knows everyone and people make it a point to stop in every single day. Between locals who stop in during the workday and tourists who stop in on the way to the mountain, PK serves anyone and everyone!

It is evident that everyone at PK loves what they do and wants to share their love and passion with its customers! To me, there is nothing better than seeing people share their passions and find creative ways to interact with others! Plus I love the fact it's a locally owned business!

Next time you're in Stowe or Waterbury, VT make it a point to check them out!

Check them out here!

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