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My Thoughts on Post-Grad Life

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Wow, it's been four months since I entered into this new chapter of my life and I still can't fully believe it! It's taken me a good few months to fully put into words how I feel about this new chapter, and quite frankly, how I feel changes every day.

I wasn't sure how I would feel about leaving behind my time in classes. Since 2003 my identity has been that of a student. Sure, I had hobbies and passions outside of the classroom, but as my dad always said my first job was being a student. So, starting this new chapter of my life without having to think about making sure my schedule fit around classes was strange to say the least.

That being said, I love post-grad life! It's been stressful for sure and the events of 2020 certainly haven't made it any easier, but it's also been full of so many exciting moments! Before graduating I decided to make my first post-grad year one of self-discovery with a strong focus on investing in myself. I wanted to take time to discover new things about myself that I felt I never had time for between study sessions and classes. I wanted to work on saving up for my future. And, perhaps most importantly, I wanted to find out who I was without the safety net of my student identity.

So far, since graduation I have started my first full-time job, begun working on building my brand, moved into my first adult apartment and permanently moved to a new state. Five days after what was supposed to be graduation day I started working as a veterinary technician in Lexington, KY and two weeks after that I was driving a U-haul across town to move into my new apartment all on my own. Talk about scary and exciting.

The idea of being completely on my own terrified me for the first few weeks. Although I am so fortunate to have such a supportive family and amazing friends, it was still hard to think about being in a different state than my parents and brother, and on a completely opposite schedule as my friends. It was challenging having to come home after a long day at work and unpack box after box all by myself. But it was also exciting and empowering! Getting to create a space that was entirely my own made me feel like I was finally home in Kentucky. It also made me appreciate the time I spent with my friends so much more!

However, just like any other part of life, post-grad life does come with its fair share of negative aspects. The increased financial responsibility adds another layer of stress to daily life. Trying to find a balance between doing what I love and making sure I attend to all my responsibilities has also been difficult. But the biggest challenge has been adjusting to this new way of life when it comes to planning times to see my family. Because I live far from home, I've had to adjust to the idea of not relying on school breaks to go home and see my family. It's been difficult seeing them enjoying things without me, but I know it's part of living far away.

All of that being said, the biggest blessing of post-grad life has been my increased appreciation and desire to live in the moment. Because I spend so much time on my own, at work, or tending to other responsibilities the time I spend with my friends and my family, or doing things I love means so much more to me. I've found it easier to live in the moment and work on being present (one of my 2020 resolutions).

Overall, post-grad life has been incredible for me. The opportunities I've had since graduation makes me hopeful that it can only get better from here. I can't wait to see what comes next for me!

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