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Remember When I Said I Was Never Moving Back to Vermont...

Remember all the times on the blog or on the podcast I said I was never going to move back to Vermont? Yeah, me too... Well, SURPRISE!!! I'm moving back to the Green Mountain State!

For my family, friends, and even myself at times this is still a ridiculously shocking move but the more I think about it, the more I think it might just be one of the best things I've done in a long time.

If you're new, I moved to Lexington, KY for college (Go Cats!) and decided to stick around post-graduation. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love Lexington, and to be honest, I'm sure I'll be back in the Bluegrass before too long. The thing is, between COVID and life in general, a move back home was the perfect step in this crazy adventure called life and although it came rather unexpectedly, I'm certain it's something I have to do.

See, the hardest part about living in Kentucky has always been being away from my family. My family lives throughout the Northeast so getting to see them when I live a few hundred miles away comes with its fair share of challenges. I never really minded the long drives or multiple flights but after the craziness that was 2020 and travel restrictions, I realized I needed to move closer to my family. Not to mention, there's something to be said for being close to loved ones.

To be honest, I've been struggling with being in Lexington and away from my family for some time, but I was always too stubborn to admit that moving home might be the best option. I mean I was working in a field I'm passionate about and I'm surrounded by friends so why would I move away from that? Plus, I've been saying for years I'd never go back... I should really learn to stop speaking in absolutes. Of course, once I realized a move back to Vermont was the next step I was terrified. I mean, I really had no idea what I would do next besides get there.

The thing I've learned though is that all of the best opportunities and the best options for me always show up when I'm in a state of mild terror and panic over the unknown. A few weeks after coming to the realization that I'd be trading in mint juleps for maple syrup I accepted a position at a local animal shelter where I'll be working directly with dogs, cats, and horses along with working with the general public to help with training needs and adoption counseling. This new position allows me to continue working in a field I'm passionate about while also having some more time to work on the Actually Tho brand!

Overall, I know this move is exactly what I need for so many reasons. But, I'll be honest it's slightly terrifying. Even though I'm moving "back home", I'm moving onto the next chapter of my life and that comes with a little bit of fear. Of course, I'm trying to be a "glass half full" kind of person and I try to focus on the positives so I'm putting most of my energy into being excited about what's to come!

Stay tuned for posts and podcasts all about my move and my new experiences! Plus some really incredible Vermont content!

Now, if you'll all excuse me it's time to start packing up my life!

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