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Self Care | Running Errands Solo

If you've been following my blog for a while you can probably tell that I love self-care. Truthfully, I'm sitting on my bed with my favorite face mask on right now. But, the cliche self-care activities (face masks, spa days, sleeping in, etc.) don't always fit with my schedule. So, I've made it a goal of mine to find different tasks, activities, etc. that don't interfere with my schedule that double as self-care activities.

One of the biggest of these simple self-care activities for me is running errands alone. It sounds simple, possibly even a little ridiculous but here me out. There's something so fantastic about spending the day getting sh*t done without anyone there to distract you or deviate from your plan.

I'm wildly independent, always have been, so for me, I need time by myself to recharge and center myself. But, for those who struggle with doing things on their own, this can also be a great way to improve their self-confidence.

Now by no means do I think you can't run errands with friends, I love doing that too, but I think running errands solo is so incredibly therapeutic. Of course, you have to make it a little fun too. That being said, here's how I turn my errands into a self-care activity.

🦋 I treat myself to a coffee.

I love coffee, it's no secret. Now, I definitely stop at a coffee shop on days when I'm not running errands but I've been trying to drink more coffee at home. I digress.

One of my favorite parts of running errands is treating myself to a coffee. I like to stop at a coffee shop before I start my actual errands and get a large coffee to bring with me while I shop. It's one extra stop and it makes me happy. Isn't that what self-care is supposed to do?

P.S. My current Starbucks order is a Venti unsweetened iced coffee with half and half and peppermint - so good!

🦋 I make sure my AirPods are charged.

There's nothing worse than dead AirPods. Like I've said, I need to spend time alone to recharge and get myself together so being able to listen to a podcast, music, an audiobook, etc. when running errands is a great way for me to get things done and still spend time alone.

Currently, I've been loving The Ed Mylett Show and the Whoa That's Good podcasts when running errands.

🦋 I have a general plan.

Yes, I've been known to make an extra stop at Target or Homegoods when running errands, but generally speaking, I have a plan. I like to be organized, and having a plan or routine helps me immensely, so it's only natural that my self-care errands trip would have some sort of plan.

This makes it easy for me to check that I got everything I needed (or wanted) and helps me keep track of where I need to go. Plus, it gives me an idea of the order of places I need to go to avoid running across town a million times in a day.

🦋 I buy myself a small gift that wasn't on my list.

I don't know what it is, but I always find something I don't need when I'm running errands. It could be a beauty item, a notebook, a candle, doesn't matter. I used to spend 20 minutes telling myself I didn't need whatever it was, only to go home and wish I put it in my cart. But recently I've started treating myself to one small item (usually under $10 or $20) when I have a self-care-type errands day.

Most of the time (especially during the fall) it was a candle but now that the holiday season is here (at east in stores) I'm sure these small gifts will become more Christmas decor pieces.

🦋 I take my time.

The whole point of this day is to reset and recharge. I'm a pretty high-strung person so I tend to get myself stressed throughout the week. That being said, it takes a bit for me to really recharge and center myself. Sometimes, it takes a few minutes, sometimes a few hours. Whatever the case is, I give myself time to run errands at my own pace.

If I want to wander around Costco for an hour and a half I will. If I want to take 30 minutes looking at candles and throw blankets in HomeGoods, I definitely will. If I walk into a store and it's cluttered and busy to the point where I don't want to spend more than a minute in there, I leave. Whatever the case, allowing myself the time to do what I want, while still checking errands off my list helps me feel productive and more like myself.

If you want to see up-to-date self-care errands days make sure you're following my Instagram! I'm always sharing fun finds during these days! If you start your own errands days, tag me in your photos and share what you're doing to reset!

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