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Setting My Day Up Right: My Ideal Morning Routine

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

I'm one of those people who thrives off of having routines. Specifically, morning routines. My morning routine really sets the tone for my day and helps me get into a good mindset before heading out the door to tackle whatever is on my calendar.

During quarantine and adjusting to a new schedule I haven't had the most consistent morning routine and I definitely noticed a difference. On the days where I just grabbed a cup of coffee while I sprinted out the door, I felt cluttered and restless all day, even if my calendar was empty. After a few weeks of dealing with this I decided to get back into my morning routine and it has been a life changer!

My morning routine can be broken down into 5 simple tasks that I do every. single. morning. I'm serious, it doesn't matter if I'm travelling, at home, have a full calendar, have an empty calendar, these 5 things have to get done if I want to set my day up right!

Make My Bed

Making my bed is the first thing I do every single morning. This helps me wake up and keeps me from crawling back into it on those mornings when I really just don't want to wake up. It's also a really simple way to keep my room looking clean and put together (even if there is a pile of clothes in a corner that I haven't dealt with yet).

Make a Cup of Coffee

I love coffee and truthfully I'm a much better person if it's a part of my morning. Something about making myself a cup of coffee to sip while getting ready for my day puts me in the best mood! Of course, there's almost always a travel mug in my hand on the way out the door but my mornings are significantly better if my first cup is in my hand well before I'm heading out the door.

Check My Planner

As I've said before, I thrive on routines and knowing what's going on. That being said it's important for me to check my planner in the morning, so I know what's on my schedule each day. I try and keep my planner and google calendar up to date so that I'm not adding things in the morning, but taking a look at it before starting my day helps minimize my stress level by keeping me prepared.

Taking Wrigley Out

One of the best parts of my morning is taking my dog, Wrigley outside. Whether it's a walk through the neighborhood if I have time or even just a quick walk around the apartment, getting outside has really changed my mornings. Not only do I get to take a breath of fresh air first thing, but I also get to spend time with Wrigley before starting my day.

Working Out

Unlike most people I know, I have to work out in the morning. Not only is my motivation way higher in the mornings but working out before getting started with my day really just sets my day up for success. I've talked about Pure Barre in another post but one of the other reasons that it's my favorite workout is because I can schedule classes for the mornings either before work, or before any of my other appointments and tasks. I've also found that working out in the mornings gives me so much more energy to get through my day!

What do your morning routines look like? Do you have specific things you do to start your day? Let me know in the comments!

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