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Sick Day Essentials

It never fails that I find myself battling some type of sickness around this time of year every. single. year. Is anyone else like that? No matter what you do, there's still a point in the year where you always come down with something? It's awful.

Thankfully, I have incredible parents who, even with me being 23 years old, are more than willing to help me until I'm back to feeling 100%. I also have amazing co-workers and supervisors who made me working from home seamless and simple so I'm not missing too much even when I'm working from my house and not my office.

All of that being said, it's still hard for me to get through a sick day without a few essential items. Now since the absolute last thing I want to do when I get sick is leave my bed, let alone my house, these are items I already have lying around my house.

Take a look at what I have to have to get me through sick days...

Comfy PJs and a Blanket

I know, I know, these are technically 2 things but they go together okay? I'm all about being comfy normally, but when I'm sick I'm really all about comfort. I always go for a pair of comfy PJs and a pile of blankets (complete with my electric blanket of course) on sick days. I usually opt for a pair of PJs with shorts because then I can hide under my pile of blankets and stay nice and cozy, usually without overheating!


As normal as this one may seem I know so many people who just try and power through sick days without any medicine. Me, not so much. I keep my own little pharmacy on my desk in my room at all times. Advil, cold and flu meds, you name it. Whatever is going to help me feel better and get better, I'm all for it!


The worst part of getting sick for me is that it leaves me so incredibly dehydrated. Plus, all I want to do when I'm sick it curl up in one spot and not move until I feel better. That's another reason I love my 40 oz. Hydroflask! I can fill it up in the morning and right before I go to sleep and then I never have to travel to keep myself hydrated. Don't forget the straw lid if you really want to make the most of your Hydroflask!


Everyone knows I love coffee. But, when I'm sick coffee usually leaves me feeling restless and doesn't help my sore throat. That's where hot tea comes in. I alternate between Earl Grey tea and a Lavender Chamomile tea depending on the time of day. I like having something warm to sooth my throat, and I usually load it with honey so I feel like it helps me combat any sort of cough I've got.

Ginger Ale

Did anyone else grow up drinking ginger ale when they stayed home sick? I swear it's one of the only things I want when I don't feel well. I mean sure, I drink it when I feel fine too, but when I'm sick, it really is just unmatched.

Tomato Soup

I've been told this is a weird thing to love but this is another thing I can't get through a sick day without. I love tomato soup when I'm sick. I usually don't want to eat much when I'm feeling less than my best, so something easy like tomato soup is fast and easy. Plus I can keep it in my pantry just in case! My personal favorite is Campbell's tomato soup but Panera also makes one that's a pretty close second.

Ice Roller

I've already done an entire post on why you need this specific ice roller. But in case you need another reason, it's quickly become a sick day essential. It's pretty common for me to get sinus headaches, fevers, etc. no matter what cold or virus I get (lucky me I know) and this ice roller has been perfect! During those times when my head is pounding or I'm overheating from the mountain of blankets I have, and I can't load up on medicine using this all over my face and neck has been so nice for some instant relief! Personally, I can't recommend the Skinny Confidential Ice Roller enough, but if you want something fast, this is a good backup.

If you're feeling under the weather, I hope you feel better soon!

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