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The Best Bridal Party Gift | Cute Flannel Shirts to Get Wedding Ready In

You've seen the pictures. All the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, and the bride in matching bathrobes, pajama sets, shirts, you name it. Personally, I love it! I'm not always into matching/coordinating outfits, but when it comes to weddings, I love it! So naturally, when it came to my best friend's wedding I was determined to help her find something fun for all of us to get ready in and take some cute pictures in!

Sabrina's not really a floral bathrobe kinda gal, so I was on the hunt for something different. Cute, but different. Her wedding was at this beautiful venue in Kentucky and I really wanted something that captured the beauty of her wedding day with her love of all things comfortable (I mean the girl wore white crocs with her wedding dress so comfort is 100% her).

Etsy is my go-to when it comes to finding different gifts so it's only natural that I find the cutest plaid, flannel shirt on there! I'm serious, I saw them and immediately called her! I said, "You can totally tell me to back off but just look at how cute these are!" Thankfully she was on board with my plan and I got to work figuring out sizes and messaging the shop owner to make sure we could get them completed in time!

Belle at Bellesdesignshop was beyond helpful and seriously worked magic getting these shirts to us! She was able to customize each of them to say "Bride", "Bridesmaid" and "Maid of Honor" and was able to get all 9 of them completed and shipped to us in plenty of time, even with a fabric delay!

When I tell you I can't stop wearing this shirt, I mean it! It's seriously the most comfortable shirt I own! Being someone with long legs and a long torso I was worried it would be too short on me, but the size large is perfect! I just threw on a pair of biker shorts while we were getting ready and running around and I was good to go!

Sabrina decided on white for her shirt and blue for everyone else's since her colors were navy and yellow and I absolutely loved them together! Everything looked so perfect and I cannot wait for her to get the final photos back of everyone getting ready!

I'm still so thankful to Belle for putting up with a panicking Maid of Honor and for making these perfect shirts for my best friend's perfect day!

Visit her Etsy shop and tell her I sent you! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Also, how incredible does my best friend look in these photos???

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