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Updating My Wardrobe | GAP Outlet and Old Navy Finds

If you've never been to the GAP outlet during the summer to fall season transition this is your sign to get your butt to one ASAP! I find all of the best sales during this season swap and I can usually always find a few pieces I didn't really need but definitely wanted. I'm also a huge fan of Old Navy! Now, I know they aren't always the highest quality clothes, but for casual pieces, I'd rather grab some things from Old Navy and save a few bucks!

Over the weekend my mom and I went on a little retail therapy trip and found some great pieces at both stores! Most of the GAP outlet was anywhere from 30-50% off already marked down prices so naturally, I had to stock up on both summer and fall items! Plus Old Navy was having a sale on some leggings and I think it's physically impossible for me to pass up leggings when they're on sale!

I always try to find staple pieces that can be worn all the time because I love the idea of having a smaller more versatile closet. That's yet to happen but hey, a girl can dream!

Let's start with Old Navy...

To be honest I saw a woman at Pure Barre wearing this pattern and I had to have it! I just thought it was so fun and different so when I saw it on sale it was game over. Plus it has pockets! I mean really is there anything better? For reference, I picked these up in a size large in the pattern Marble Blue!

I usually hate cropped leggings. Most of the time I feel like they cut my leg in a weird place and they just don't look right on me. But, these are perfect! They stop just slightly about where a 7/8" legging stops so it doesn't give me that awkward look. Also, again, pockets! I picked these up in a large too and got the pattern Pink Floral Dot!

Now let's talk GAP finds...

I love this simple bodysuit! It's perfect for any look and I've been on the hunt for a bodysuit that fits my proportions well. I loved the fit of this one so much I got it in black and in Potpourri Pink. For reference, I got a size medium and I'm about 5'9".

I had every intention of only getting items I could wear in the fall/winter but I saw this romper and I couldn't leave it on the rack! I went with a large since I always have to size up in them and it's perfect! I love how flowy it is and it's one of those pieces that is so easy to throw on, add some shoes and head out the door! I decided to get the Pink pattern (Pink Ditsy Floral) to add a little more color to my closet and it's the perfect end-of-summer piece!

I love jumpsuits! I think they are possibly my favorite piece and besides the constant struggle of going pee when you're wearing one, they're super easy! I absolutely love this one I picked up the other day because it's the perfect blend of comfy and cute! I've been really into this army green color and love the material! I have a feeling this is going to be one of my fall staples!

I can't be the only one who has a few white tees or other shirts that are so cute but so see-through. I mean what is even the point? Anyways, I needed to get a tank top or cami so I could wear all of these shirts but I'm picky (big shock I know). I didn't want one that was super loose or fit funny so I was beyond excited when I saw these were on sale! I picked up the white one because that's the main color I needed but I think I'm going to end up ordering some other ones because they are so affordable! Not to mention they are the perfect fit! For reference, I picked up a medium!

The whole point of my trip was initially to get some outfits for work. I needed a few pieces that were casual enough to work with dogs all day, but also professional enough that I could go to meetings in between training sessions. Cue the cardigan! Not only is this the perfect lightweight sweater I need for the office, but it's also so cute to wear to dinner with friends or around town. I told you, I'm trying to get pieces I can wear all the time, and I think this one might be it. I loved all of the colors but the white was a little see-through so I decided to go with the Classic Camel Brown color. This does run pretty small so I got an XL in this since I have a bigger chest.

Like I said, I was on the hunt for work clothes. Fortunately for me, I can wear jeans to work, unfortunately for me, they tend to get wrecked after a few months. That being said, I didn't want to go out and spent hundreds of dollars on jeans I'd be scared to wear at work. I also needed more straight-cut jeans for work, since it's much easier to fit in and out of work boots. These mid-rise, straight-leg jeans are perfect! First of all, they were 40% off. Second of all, they are super comfortable! Since I'm moving around a lot during the workday comfort is exactly what I need! I got the Light Indigo wash in a 31!

Of course, I decided to wear absolutely every piece I bought before writing this post so I'll be adding pictures later. But keep an eye on my Instagram and I'll be sure to tag all of the pieces!

Is anyone else updating their wardrobe this fall? What pieces are you planning to pick up? Let me know!

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