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What's in My Carry-on Handbag

Now that {safely} traveling is on my calendar for 2021, I figured it was time to start sharing some of my travel tips, ideas, must-haves, and more.

Over the past few years; 2020 excluded, I've traveled between Kentucky and Vermont and everywhere in between so, I've gotten pretty good at figuring out what I need and what can stay behind. I'm pretty particular with what I pack - especially when it comes to my carry-on handbag.

Most of the time, I don't check a suitcase so my carry-on suitcase has all of my clothes, shoes, etc. which doesn't leave a ton of room for the other random things I want to bring. Also, I hate carrying a heavy handbag through the airport. Seriously, there's just no need.

I'm also picky because I like my bag to be relatively ready to go as soon as I step off the plane just in case I don't get the chance to unpack before heading off on some adventure.

So, what exactly do I keep in my carry-on handbag?

My Wallet: I love this travel wallet from Amazon! I bought it years ago when I studied abroad in Ireland and I've used it for every trip since then! It has all the pockets and card slots I need and even has a section for boarding passes (if you ever end up with a printed one instead of the ones on your phone).

iPad: If I can, I leave my laptop at home when I travel. Sometimes I'll bring it but my iPad can do all the same things and it's way easier to pack! I just throw it in my bag along with the Apple Pencil and I'm good to go! I love having it for blogging, recording podcasts, or just to keep me entertained on the plan. I also use the kindle app instead of packing multiples books to save space!

Airpods: I have to have headphones when I fly! I mean reading and working is great but sometimes I want to zone out and listen to music or podcasts and when I've got a layover I'm usually on the phone so it's much easier to have my AirPods. They also take up zero space which makes them easy to throw in my bag!

Notebook and Pen: I keep a notebook and my favorite pen in my bag all the time. I like to be able to write down ideas, or notes for myself. Since I have a lot of time just sitting in airports or on planes when traveling I love having a notebook with me in case I have any ideas for blog posts or podcast episodes. I go through notebooks pretty quickly so I just pick up a cute, cheap one from Target and throw it in my bag!

Small Toiletry Bag: I like to keep a small toiletry bag in my handbag all the time. I keep a small first aid kit, Advil, my favorite lip stain, a lip gloss, chapstick, some hand lotion, mascara, and these days an extra mask in there just in case! You never know when you'll need something in a hurry as you step off the plane!

Snacks and a Water Bottle: We've all been there. You think you'll have enough time to grabs something to eat between flights and it turns out not so much. Or, you get delayed and you're stuck starving on the plane. Yeah, that doesn't work for me. I always throw a few different snacks like granola bars or trail mix into my handbag, you know for emergencies. I also like to bring a water bottle with me. Most airports have water fountains or water bottle filling stations these days so it makes it easier (and cheaper) to bring an empty water bottle with me through TSA and fill it before my flight.

Chargers: There is nothing worse than getting halfway through your travel day and having your phone, iPad, computer, etc. die on you. That's why I make sure to have all of my chargers packed in my handbag where I can easily grab them and charge everything between flights.

That's pretty much it. Depending on where I'm headed sometimes a few other random items get thrown in my bag but for the most part, these are the only things I keep in my handbag.

What items do you have to have when traveling?

Let me know!

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