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What’s In My Disney Park Bag?

This was the first time in years I brought a bag with me on my Disney park days. Usually, I stick with my Magic Band, my phone and my ID since we bounce between the hotel and the parks. But, this time around my family and I spent 10+ hours in the parks each day, so packing some more items was much needed.

If you’re heading to Disney any time soon (or really any time) just remember, you never need as much as you think you need. Well, okay, maybe if you have really small children you need a lot, but for people like me, you really don’t need much.

Here’s what I kept in my park bag...

Wait, before I get into that let’s talk about the bag itself. I’m a fan of a small bag that can be easily taken on and off when you go from ride to ride, and that’s not too heavy. Oh, and if it’s cute that’s a major bonus! I really love these Disney Park bags you can pick up in the parks or rally in any Disney store. I‘ve had mine for a few years so I don’t think the exact pattern is still available, but this one is pretty close (it’s a least then same character)!

Okay, now for real, what’s in my bag...

My mask. Right now face masks are still required on all Disney transportation so I keep a few face masks in my bag For busses, monorails, and whatever else we may travel in to get to the parks.

Sunscreen. News flash, it’s f*cking hot in Florida and the sun is out pretty much all the time. That’s why I keep my ZO Broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 50 in my bag along with my other sunscreen to make sure I keep my skin protected all day long.

Hand Sanitizer. I hope I don’t have to explain this one but you know, people can be gross.

Tide Stick. Stains happen. Between ice cream, tinted sunscreen and goodness knows what else it’s always helpful to keep one of these handy.

Infant Oragel. This isn‘t a usual thing, but it turns out I‘m allergic to some margarita mixes. Like break out into horrible, painful blisters allergic. Yeah, so cue the baby oragel just so I can get through the day with9out massive amounts of tears.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss. I like to keep a simple gloss in my bag for pictures or just because, so that’s got to get added in too.

Portable charger and chord. We use our phones as cameras, all day long. Plus my phone doesn’t last a whole park day so I grabbed this charger from Target before I left, threw in a chord and we were good to go.

Bandaids, Blister pads and Moleskin. I don’t know what my problem was but this trip I was a mess from head to toe. Between a bad sneaker choice and sandals I hadn’t broken in my feet were destroyed day 1, which meant I lived for bandaids. Plus my mom burnt herself cooking a pizza for us one night so the blister pads were a life saver for her too! Oh, and the moleskin is going to be my secret weapon when it comes to breaking in these Ugg sandals.

Umbrella. Okay, so this one wasn’t mine but my brother’s girlfriend was smart enough to throw it in her su8itcase so we added it to the bag because trust me, it does in fact pour while you’re in the parks, and yeah it pretty much sucks to be soaked the rest of the day.

My wallet. Again, not sure this needs much explanation but it’s in the bag so it makes the list.

Advil. These parks are no joke so trust me and pack the advil.

Microfiber cloth. My dad added this to clean our sunglasses. He hates spots on his sunglasses so we had to make sure this was in the bag.

I wasn’t sure I‘d like going back to having a bag in the park but it turns out, I certainly needed it. Let me know what bag you bring with you on vacation and what do you keep in your amusement park bags?

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