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What's In My Handbag - Winter Edition

When it comes to my handbag there's a lot happening! Seriously, it's a never-ending situation. Between receipts and masks and so so so many hair ties I feel like I'm constantly having to reorganize my bag. That being said, I typically have just about anything you could possibly need somewhere in my bag. I like to have a variety of things with me - because let's face it, you never know what you may need so I usually carry a large handbag, especially in the winter.

Today was a handbag cleaning day, so let's get into it! Here's everything that's in my bag right now (minus all the receipts I got rid of before the photos)!

Before we take a look at what's in my bag, the bag I'm using right now is this amazing Kate Spade Tote I got off TheRealReal! Seriously if you're looking for amazing deals on Luxury brands check them out!

OK now for what's inside...

My keys

My checkbook

So many hair ties

A bag of almonds


Microfiber cloth

A ton of facemasks


Hand Lotion (right now I have the Cactus Blossom scent and once that's gone I'm switching to the Eucalyptus scent)

What's in your bag??

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