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What You Should Absolutely Tell Your Pet Sitter Before Heading Out of Town

I’m sure all dog moms can relate to my weirdly emotional state whenever I go out of town and leave Wrigley behind. Since I dont have any human kids, Wrigs is very much an only child so before anyone asks, yes he’s spoiled.

Thankfully I have the most amazing friends who love him just as much as I do and are always willing to let him hang out with them when I’m gone.

That being said, there are still a few things I always like to let them know before leaving, and as someone who dog sits myself, there are a few things I always like to know before I’m left in charge!

Feeding Schedule and Daily Routines

It might seem obvious but letting your dog sitter know when to feed your dog, then they like to go on walks, etc. makes it so much easier for them and for your dog. Dogs are like people, they like routines and since it’s already a little stressful for them when you leave, keeping the same routine will help them adjust to a new person a little better!

Veterinary Information

Of course you don’t expect anything to happen while you’re gone, but you never know! It’s hard to think clearly in an emergency so leaving the information for your dog’s primary veterinarian as well as the closest emergency vet is always a good idea!

Phone Numbers

Sometimes your dog sitter has questions or just wants to send you cute pictures. Make sure to leave your phone number for them so they can get in touch with you. I also like to leave the number of a friend or neighbor or who can help if something goes wrong! Better safe than sorry!

Medications, issues, etc.

If your pet takes daily meds or has serious separation anxiety or has some other quirk that’s important to know make sure to give your pet sitter a heads up! Remember things that are normal for you and your dog aren’t always normal for them so it’s nice to give them a heads up!

House information

If your dog sitter is staying at your house make sure to leave them information about that too! Wifi password, house rules, where the dog stuff is. There’s nothing worse than not knowing where anything is when you’re trying to take care of the pets! Plus, if your dog sitter feels comfortable than your dog will too!

There you have it! An overview of all the things I like to tell my pet sitter before heading out of town!

What breed of dog do you have? Does your dog have any funny quirks? Let me know!

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